Part 1 - Setting Objectives Image

In the first phase of a strategic design project, designers co-define strategic objectives and lay the groundwork for creative thinking and problem exploration.

  • Envisioning: helping organizations incorporate a future oriented, long-term perspective into their objectives.
  • Inspiring: generating the confidence actors need to think and act differently.
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Practice 1 Envisioning

Design Vision as Strategy: The KLM Crew Centre Case Study

Practice 1 - Envisioning image

In Chapter 1, senior designer Roald Hoope (Reframing Studio) and design scholar Paul Hekkert (Delft University of Technology) describe and illustrate how to detect future human behaviors - rather than technological advances, for example - that can lend strategic direction to an organization's activities.

Practice 1 - Envisioning image
Practice 2 Inspiring

Co-creating and Prototyping to Trigger Innovative Thinking and Doing

Practice 2 - Inspiring image

Chapter 2 sees design scholar Giulia Calabretta (Delft University of Technology) and Paul Gardien (Philips Design) demonstrate how active involvement in rapid co-creation and prototyping can persuade stakeholders to embrace innovative strategies and outcomes, and stick with them over time.

Practice 2 - Inspiring image