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Throughout a strategic design project, designers focus on ongoing coordination of stakeholder interests, objectives and expertise.

  • Aligning: steering the strategic outcome in a direction that matches the organization’s strategy, values and assets.
  • Translating: converting information from one language to another – verbal to visual, visual to verbal, tacit to explicit, explicit to tacit – to enable knowledge sharing across stakeholders.
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Practice 5 Aligning

Aligning Organizations Through Customer Stories

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In Chapter 5, Marzia Aricò (Copenhagen Business School; Livework) and Melvin Brand Flu (Livework) show designers how to align themselves with company strategies, values and interests by constructing a solid customer story, interpreting the story across business units and designing for multi-speed impact.

Chapter 5 - Aligning image
Practice 6 Translating

Designing for Feasibility

Chapter 6 - Translating image

In Chapter 6, scholars Gerda Gemser (RMIT University) and Blair Kuys (Swinburne University) and designer Opher Yom-Tov (AirShr; innovation consultant) propose a framework to assess the feasibility of strategic design projects to enhance effective implementation.

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