Part 2 - Configuring Image

In the second phase of a strategic design project, designers co-select the key steps, the methods and tools, and the resources needed to collaboratively implement the project and reach its objectives.

  • Simplifying: selecting, connecting, and leveraging the relevant resources and knowledge to manage the complexity of the strategic project.
  • Structuring: defining and executing each step on the road to achieving a project’s objectives, while allowing for flexibility and sensitivity to changing circumstances.
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Practice 3 Simplifying

Designing Transitions: Pivoting Complex Innovation

Chapter 3 - Simplifying image

In Chapter 3, creative strategists Merijn Hillen (Fabrique) and Jeroen van Erp (Fabrique; Delft University of Technology), and design scholar Giulia Calabretta (Delft University of Technology) present a framework to help designers determine which leadership style can effectively contend with the complexity of a strategic design project.

Chapter 3 - Simplifying image
Practice 4 Structuring

Creating Process Understanding: Design Practices and Abilities

Chapter 4 - Structuring image

In Chapter 4, design scholars Kasia Tabeau (InSites Consulting) and Gerda Gemser (RMIT University) work with design expert Jos Oberdorf (npk design; Delft University of Technology) to distil the practices and abilities that foster a greater understanding of the creative design process among relevant stakeholders.

Chapter 4 - Structuring image